[ATS/ETS2] Toyota Tundra XK50

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Why Tundra?

The Toyota Tundra is easily one of the most recognized pickup trucks in the world. Owing to its reliability and dependability. This truck is perfect for people who want to cruise in comfort and make a living by hauling cargo simultaneously. With a Toyota, hotshot trucking would be at its peak!

There is no more abuse-friendly truck than a Tundra and with multiple engine options according to your preferences, you can cruise with your family and haul heavy cargo at the same time! performance is also adequate.



- Blind spot warning function for normal and dually mirrors

- Matte paint options for all the individual parts as well as the body

- Multiple realistic-sounding engines mated to real transmissions


- Tipper trailer

- Flatbed trailer

- Car Trailer

All the above trailers can haul their respective cargo loads


- High-quality exterior and interior

- Attention to detail workmanship

- Realistic and multiple engine configurations mated to realistic gearboxes

- Excellent driveability and physics

- Functional UI with fuel, total mileage and distance to empty information

- Top speed (220 km/h with the most powerful engine)

- 2 engine options (5.7L V8 & 6.7L Cummins Diesel)

- 2 types of tires (Normal & Off-Road) paired with 7 different types of rims each

- Compatible with a gooseneck or normal car trailers (3 trailers included by default)


- (x2) Cabin options (Glossy and Matte exterior)

- (x4) Chassis options -

All of them comes with both tow point options (5th wheel hook & bumper pull hook)

- Stock Bed, Long Bed (Dually), Flatbed Type 1, Flatbed Type 2

- (x1) Armor Boxes and Kevlar vests

- (x1) Front Mudguard

- (x1) Rear Mudguard

- (x1) Roof Rack

- (x1) Side Badge

- (x2) Front Headlights

- (x2) Front Windshield Banners

- (x2) Antenna

- (x2) Front Bumper Lights (Stock Bumper only)

- (x2) Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs)

- (x3) Sunroof

- (x3) Rear Windshield

- (x3) Rear Badges

- (x3) Ceiling

- (x3) Interior Seats

- (x3) Interior Floor

- (x3) Interior Cover

- (x4) Front Headlight Tint

- (x4) Rear Suspension

- (x4) Front Suspension

- (x4) Hood

- (x5) Headlight Trim

- (x5) Side Logos

- (x5) Front Grille

- (x5) Front Grille Trim

- (x5) Front Grille Lights

- (x5) Door Handles

- (x5) Exhaust

- (x5) Rear Handles

- (x5) Underbody Shield

- (x5) Sidestep

- (x5) Tailgate

- (x5) Steering Wheels

- (x5) Side Trim

- (x5) Roof Trim

- (x5) Interior Trim

- (x5) Hood Scoop

- (x5) Hood Scoop Vents

- (x5) Hood Vents

- (x5) Snorkel

- (x5) Window Deflectors

- (x5) Front Bumper Lights Trim (Stock Bumper only)

- (x5) Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) cover

- (x5) Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) trim

- (x9) Rear Bumpers

- (x10) Bed Body

- (x10) Roof mounted lightbar

- (x10) Front Bumper mounted lightbar

- (x12) Fenders

- (x14) Bed Accessories

- (x25) Front Bumpers

There are around a total of 56 options that you can customize your Tundra from

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[ATS/ETS2] Toyota Tundra XK50

10 ratings
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